With an increasing number of families choosing cremation, options available to the bereaved when dealing with cremated ashes have become varied and diverse.

We are able to advise you of the large range of options for different methods of retention, burial or scattering. You may have chosen to inter the cremated ashes in a cemetery, churchyard or natural burial ground.

You may have decided to retain the ashes for a considerable length of time. Your choice may be complete simplicity and the wishes of your loved one may be to scatter the ashes. Whatever your decision may be, our funeral directors are in a position to offer you a very large selection that will perfectly suit your needs.

Additional to the conventional methods of retention or dispersal of cremated ashes, we are also able to advise on Ashes into Glass cremation jewellery and glassware, fireworks that contain the cremated ashes of a loved one or garden ornaments specially created to accommodate ashes.

The available options are considerable. Please ask our staff for advice or guidance.